Defense & Security

The worlds of defense, protection and security (including cybersecurity) offer a wide variety of products and solutions that provide safety, both physical and digital. Raw materials for this market are applied in protective gear for fire fighters and police, fire detectors, digital documents and certificates (such as biometric IDs), currency, and more. These products must maintain the highest levels of accuracy and reliability and uphold strict standards, hence require best-in-class raw materials.

Lidorr Elements help companies in the defense and security industry understand the technical properties and implications of materials used in this market, and supply leading materials that enable our clients to overcome common challenges in the field. These materials were developed specifically for the relevant manufacturing technologies and applications. For example, Covestro‘s polycarbonate is a strong, light-weighted, transparent, fire-proof material. These properties make it ideal for protective gear such as helmets, bulletproof vests, shields, protective glasses, and more. Covestro also offers polycarbonate films and blends, and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for cybersecurity and secured digital documents.

Moreover, Lidorr Elements represents LANXESS, one of the only companies producing polyamide and its wide variety of components and additives, from raw materials to unique pigments. The polyamide products we offer are easy to process and highly consistent. Additives include fiberglass, minerals and carbon fibers that strengthen the final product, increase its thermal resistance and provide other important abilities.

Our people consult and support many Israeli companies from development stages to mass production. Looking for a product, material, or technology? We are here to help. Contact us for assistance.

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