Most of us know adhesives as materials that are used for the simple purpose of connecting two or more surfaces, but the world of adhesives is far richer and more complex than it sounds. Different manufacturing industries have different adhesive requirements, for example, various strengths, stretch properties, and stability characteristics. These requirements are supported by advanced formulations and technologies such as water- or solvent-based adhesives, hot-melt, and open-air / water / UV adhesion that enable many industries, including medical devices, mobility and transportation, construction, electronics, foams, furniture, textile and more.

Lidorr Elements represents the most innovative companies in the field, offering the next generation of raw materials for manufacturing:

  • Covestro – offers a variety of polyols, isocyanates, polyurethane systems and dispersions, and additives.
  • Momentive – offers the broadest silicones portfolio in the field.
  • Arlanxeo – offers chloride rubber for contact adhesives and EVM for advanced adhesion.
  • Synthomer and OMNOVA – offers rubber-based synthetic latex and acrylic adhesives.

We supply the above performance materials for multiple applications, including for advanced adhesion and sealing. These category-leading materials are certified according to strict health, safety and environmental regulations.

Our people consult and support many Israeli companies from early stages of development to mass production. Looking for a product, material, or technology? We are here to help. Contact us for assistance.

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