Chemicals are the building blocks of the universe, and the transformation of matter is the essence of our existence. Humans’ ability to control these processes and use them to create products is no less than a wonder that improves and enriches our lives.

Together with our suppliers, we invite you to discover limitless opportunities.

Our Chemicals unit is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals, intermediates and raw materials in Israel. We source quality products from top manufacturers in Europe, the United States and Asia for many of Israel’s chemicals, construction, and adhesives companies. The broad product portfolio we offer enables us to support an infinite number of applications, chemical reactions, and processes, making us a meaningful supplier of Israel’s major manufacturers.

In recent years, we all become aware of the massive impact of industrialization on our world, and to that extent, the importance of manufacturing process optimization and the integration of sustainable materials and solutions in products. With our suppliers, we help companies minimize their environmental footprint and create a better world.

Our strong and dynamic logistics infrastructure gives us the flexibility to supply both large and small amounts of materials, either straight from the manufacturer or from our local warehouse in Israel. Finally, we are happy to support our clients and work together with them, from the research and development stage through piloting to mass production, share our experience and convey important insights from our suppliers.

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