Agriculture is the bedrock of the food supply chain. Besides its obvious significance to our lives, we have a specific dependency on Israeli agriculture that enables the country to be self-sustained and serve as a successful export industry.

The Israeli farmer is confronted with many challenges, from climate change effects on crops, the emergence of more resistant pests and limitations of export to rising costs, agricultural terrorism, and competition due to import of fruits and vegetables that are locally grown.

Lidorr Elements supplies farmers with new and efficient environmentally-friendly products and solutions that help manage some of these challenges. We help the local agricultural producers to improve the quality of their crops and increase their yield using a variety of traditional, hybrid, and biological crop protection products.

We offer a portfolio of innovative quality products, many of which are from Bayer, one of the largest agrochemical companies in the world. Moreover, our people follow the latest developments in the field and make sure that farmers in Israel have access to advanced solutions of other leading companies. Among the products we supply are biological control agents, biostimulants, supplemental products, and generics.

Our team of agronomists is highly experienced in testing crop protection products for registration purposes in Israel, identifying pests and plant diseases, and fitting the right solutions to treat crops and improve their quality. Contact us and we will be happy to help you get the best out of your crops.

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