Care & Nutrition

Eating nutritious food and maintaining good hygiene are basic habits for a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, substantial research is being carried out to develop innovative products and materials that improve our lives. Lidorr Elements aims to implement these innovations in Israel’s manufacturing industry so that local companies can develop healthier and more effective products.

Our Care & Nutrition team is comprised of food technologists and professionals who match our clients with the right materials and solutions, provided by our world-leading suppliers: Symrise, Diana Food, LANXESS, Momentive, Greenfield Natural Ingredients, GEPRO, Kurtsan Holding, Omya, Covestro, OQ Chemicals, and Kurt Obermeier.

Throughout our long collaborations with Israel’s largest manufacturers, we have supported the development of countless well-known consumer products that are used daily in every household, including cosmetics, home care and cleaning products, beverages, sweet and savory foods, baby formulas and health products. We leverage the knowledge and experience of our suppliers and ours to consult clients from the initial stages of product and brand development to market penetration and mass production, working closely to ensure that the product’s final formulation composition will deliver the best results. Moreover, we are highly proficient with Kosher certifications and work extensively to meet all the derived requirements, if needed.

For the personal and home care industries (including cosmetic, toiletries and cleaning materials), we offer scents and perfumes, customized by our suppliers according to the client’s specifications, and various functional and cosmetic ingredients, such as sun/UV protectors, emollients, emulsifiers, solubilizers and many more.

For the food and beverages industries, we offer taste and texture solutions, including food ingredients and raw materials such as flavors and fruit and vegetable powders, functional ingredients such as vitamins and fibers, food colorings, preservatives, and others.

For the animal feed industry, we offer poultry protein meals, fat and other nutritional ingredients.

Developing new and innovative products in these exciting fields is our passion – contact us to discuss about your product.

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