The energy revolution is in full swing around the world. It is driven on the one hand by innovation and entrepreneurship and on the other hand by maturation of advanced technologies and production materials. Green and renewable energy is extremely important to create a sustainable future, but in order to achieve self-sufficient renewable energy, special materials are required. Whether it is photo-voltaic (PV) panel that convert sunlight to electricity or wind turbine that convert kinetic wind energy, the materials required for energy-producing equipment must have extremely high mechanical properties that will enable them to withstand harsh conditions and last for many years.

Lidorr Elements and its partners believe renewable energy is crucial for the future of humanity and focus on implementing the most innovative and efficient technologies in the market.

Covestro‘s thermoplastic materials are durable, strong and light-weight. These enable manufacturers to design very thin and rigid components. Additives for these products, such as fiberglass and minerals, add various properties to the final product, for example, flame retardancy and UV protection. Covestro also offers special polyurethane dispersions that coat and protect components in wind energy systems and solar panels. These coatings are excellent adhesives, highly resistant to the forces of nature and maintain the color, transparency and/or shine of the final product.

Lidorr Elements also represent Bond Laminates, a LANXESS company. Bond Laminates offers composite laminates that are used to manufacture wind turbine wings because of their mechanical strength and low weight. The films are also used in the mobility industry to produce lightweight auto parts that reduce energy consumption.

Finally, we represent Momentive that offers long-lasting silicone adhesives for various materials.

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