The world of matter and structure enables us to shape our lives in a way that exceeds our wildest dreams, our challenge is to learn it and leverage its attributes for the benefit of mankind and the environment.

This has been our mission since Lidorr Elements was founded. The Polymers unit is deeply rooted in the Israeli industry since the 1970s. Throughout the years, we have been representing the most prominent suppliers in their fields, supplying raw materials to many Israeli companies whose various products are being sold in Israel and worldwide.

The class-leading innovative raw materials we are offering are at the highest quality available. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Polycarbonate – used to build components of life-saving and life-improving medical devices and equipment, as well as products and parts in many other industries, such as construction, electronics, 3D printing and do-it-yourself (DIY).
  • Polyurethane – used to produce foams which are in mattresses and furniture. it is also used for thermal and acoustic isolations, and complex components in industries such as medical devices and mobility. Moreover, it can be found in advanced industrial coatings, automobile paints, flooring, roofs, walls, special adhesives and much more.
  • Polyamide (Nylon) – has multiple uses in the automobile industry, as well as in water filtration and other vital products.
  • Styrene mixtures – can be found in every household, for example, in home appliances.
  • Siliconescan be implemented in a vast array of applications, from medical devices to sealants, adhesives to drippers, foams to capsulations, etc. Visit our dedicated silicones website for online purchase of selected products.
  • Synthetic rubber and rubber additives – applied in products we use daily, such as gas connectors, door and window profiles and tires. Moreover, they are essential to products such as gas masks, thermal isolators and many others.
  • Colorants and pigments – color all the plastics that are being produced, and are found in dyes of industrial and home printers.

We, and our suppliers, are at your disposal. Feel free to leverage our technical capabilities and services when you develop your next invention. We are happy to meet, discuss, and exchange ideas. Your future product starts with our collaboration today…

So remember, you might not see our logo on the end-product, but it is almost certain that it is based on our raw materials.

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