Farm Animals

We all should aspire to give farm animals the best care possible. The health and wellbeing of farm animals depend on good nutrition and the use of products that protect them from health concerns.

Lidorr Elements represents Elanco, one of the world’s leaders in animal health which includes former Bayer Animal Health. Elanco’s main goal is to enhance animal health by providing animal owners and veterinarians the necessary tools to keep animals healthy. Elanco’s products have been tested and approved by the regulators and are manufactured using the latest technology.

Our product portfolio includes antiparasitics, such as Checkmite™ to treat Varroa in beehives, and veterinary medicines, such as Baytril™, an antibacterial product.

We supply our products to farmers and veterinarians via Vetmarket, which offers a wide variety of veterinary medicines and products, and provide full professional support. To purchase our products, please contact the veterinary clinic or pet supply shop near you.

In addition, we provide animal feed ingredients to feed mills located across the country for the production of feed mixtures for cattle, equine, pigs, poultry and aquaculture. We represent the German manufacturer GEPRO that develops and produces various types of protein- and minerals-rich by-products. These ingredients improve the nutritional value of animal feed.

Contact us to consult about animal feed ingredients that are right for your product.

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